Racing Series

Nielsen Racing participates in various championships across both the numerous Radical and the Henderson LMP3 series since 2014 with 6 championship titles to their name so far. Our driving programmes for each racing series are their for us to enable private clients and amateur racers to progress up from club style racing to an international prototype racing series.

Radical SR1

Nielsen Racing offers the Radical SR1 as the entry level into open prototype style racing for those wanting to take the first step into this style of racing. This purpose built race car sports a 1.3 litre Suzuki 4 cylinder engine with a horsepower rating of 175 flywheel horsepower, and an overall dry weight of 490kg giving a 0-60mph time of 3.5 seconds allowing our racing clients to enter in the world of high-downforce, lightweight prototype racing.

Radical SR3

The Radical SR3 is the next step up in the open-top racing series across the UK and Europe that we at Nielsen Racing are involved in. This lightweight, nimble and competitive racing formula is the most popular series and most popular car offered by Radical for both their own racing series and by privateer club racers alike. With a top speed of 147mph and the ability to pull a lateral G force of 2.3G while cornering from a car that weighs just 620kg dry, the Radical SR3 offers our client racers the thrills of competitive wheel to wheel racing for a reasonable price.

Radical SR8

The Radical SR8 currently holds the 3rd highest production car lap record at the Nurburgring Nordshleife of 6:48.28 and here at Nielsen we are proud to offer this glorious machine to our clients. Using technology based on the previous 3 generations of the car, it allows the SR8’s 2.7 litre Radical engineered and designed V8 to achieve 559bhp per tonne and cannonball our Nielsen Racing clients in this featherweight hammer to 173mph on the straight and pull 2.2 lateral G’s in the corners.

Ligier LMP3

Based on the Ligier JS P2, the LMP3 variant of this car was developed in 2015 for those wanting to explore worldwide endurance racing. Nielsen Racing is involved in the Henderson LMP3 cup in the run up to Le Mans which will allow our client drivers to be involved in the most prestigious, most gruelling and most challenging automotive endeavour. This 900kg, 5 Litre V8, Carbon Fibre prototype racer is perfectly designed for our Nielsen Racing client drivers to be involved in this amazing form of motorsport.